Section 408 Public Notices

Under the 408 Program, a public notice is the primary method for advising all interested parties of a proposed activity for which a permission is sought. Public notices are also published to inform the public about new or proposed regulations, policies, guidance or procedures.

Public Notices published by the Sacramento District under the 408 Program are posted on this page. Once a public notice is available on-line, an email notification is sent to individuals on the mailing list. To join the mailing list, email, and specify you wish to join the mailing list for the 408 Program.

Comments are due by the expiration date of the public notice.  Only comments submitted by email or in hard copy format through a delivery service, such as the U.S. Postal Service, can be accepted. Comments must be submitted to the address listed in the public notice.


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 Caltrans Miner Slough Bridge Replacement (19685)
 City of Manteca San Joaquin River Pumping Plant (19644)
 Tudor Flood Risk Reduction Archaeological & Geotech Borings (WA2024020)
 Swanston Ranch, Inc Pump Station (19792)
 Caltrans Binney Junction SR 70 Improvements (19755)
 Liberty Island Conservation Bank Phase II (19687)
 Tudor Flood Risk Reduction Project (T-2023-007)
 Union Pacific Railroad Butte Creek Bridge Replacement (19712)
 Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) Bridge Replacement North Fork Pit River (19711)
 Reclamation District 1001 Natomas Cross Canal Berm and Channel Enhancements (19699)


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 Contra Costa Levee Raise Walnut Creek (CCC 6B8348)
 Reauthorization of Categorical Permissions for Section 408 Requests (2024)
 PG&E Pipeline Abandonment Putah Creek (1603-2)
 Union Pacific Railroad American River Bridge Segment Replacement (18197-1)
 Section 408 Categorical Permission for activities related to the Middle Mile Broadband Network Initiative
 Lucky Shot LLC Clubhouse and Infrastructure (19731)
 Yuba City Sewer Pipe Feather River (19661)
 Yuba City Ramps Feather River (19660)
 City of Sacramento Stairs American River (19668)
 SPK_Stockton East Water District_Section408_WRDA214_SpecialPublicNotice
 Fresno County Rock Slope Protection and Bridge Repair (9876-1)
 Kaur Residence and Improvements Project (19670)
 Samra Residence, Fences, and Landscaping (19639)
 SPK_Salt Lake City Department of Airports_Section408_WRDA214_Special Public Notice
 Union Pacific Railroad’s Bridge Replacement Project (19671)
 Arlington Avenue Bridge Replacement (CTWCD 23-02)
 Lomeli Residence (19618)
 Knights Landing Mid Valley Area 3, Site 11 (19689)
 Conduit Surplus Canal (SL4321)


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 Merced County Black Rascal Creek Detention Basin (19643)
 Mid Valley Phase 3 Levee Reconstruction Project (19615)
 Caltrans Bridge Improvements Mud Creek (19625)
 BOR LAR Multi-Site Anadromous Fish Habitat Restoration Project (408-SPK-2022-0009)
 Brannan-Andrus Sacramento River Bank Protection (19173)
 Salt Lake City Existing Light Poles (SL4645)
 City of Sacramento Sump 102 Stairs (19655)
 DWR Site 55 IWM (WA2022041)
 AECOM 93 Geotechnical Explorations (SL4560)
 TRFMA Vista Narrows (NV-20-01)
 Bidwell Sacramento River Habitat Restoration Project (19320)
 Caltrans Butte County Bridge Replacement Little Chico Creek (19622)
 Thomas Residence, Septic Field, and Existing Well (19638)
 Bruce Road Bridge Replacement (6570-1)
 Kilkenny-Marks Borrow Area Cache Creek Settling Basin (18989)
 Caltrans I-80 Bridge Widening American River (19620)
 DWR 28 Geotechnical Explorations (WA202001)
 DWR Tisdale Weir Reconstruction (19621)


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 UPRR Rail Bridge (19589)
 SMUD Power Pole Installation (19563)
 DWR Old Sutter Pumping Plant 1 (18535-1)
 DWR Old Sutter Pumping Plant 2 (18534-1)
 DWR Old Sutter Pumping Plant 3 (18533-1)
 North SJWCD Irrigation Line DREAM Project (19594)
 Granger-Hunter Improvement District Pipe (SL4387)
 Carson Boat Dock Relocation (16971-2)
 Carson Landscaping Improvements (17985-1)
 RD 2062 Six Check Dams Paradise Cut (19526)
 Bear River North Levee Setback (19486)
 PG&E Pipeline Retirement (19518)
 Martinelli Pipe Removal and Installation (19504)
 Lemenager Pipe Replacement (19501)
 Salt Lake Airport Culvert Replacement (SL4440)
 City of Sacramento Bike Path (19587)
 DWR Site 47 Levee Restoration (WA2021019)
 Dominion Energy Gas Pipeline Replacement (SL4326)
 Salt Lake City DPU Pipeline Authorization (SL4279)
 Karapetyan Existing Encroachments (19528)
 Knaggs Ranch Existing Pump Station (18974)
 Sargent Farms Irrigation Structure (18229-1)
 Waterford Crew Boat Dock (SL4039)
 Sanchez Industrial Development (19552)
 Campbell Equipment Gates and Fencing (19327)
 RD 17 Phase 3 Levee Seepage Repair Project (18980)
 Wilson Building and Boat Dock (19484)
 DWR Delta Conveyance Borings (WA2021088)
 City of Sacramento Sump 151 Improvements (5365-2)
 City of Sacramento Sump 89 Improvements (13656-1)
 City of Sacramento Sump 155 Improvements (19577)
 Caltrans Borings and Cone Penetration Tests (CPTs) (WA2021007)
 Relocate AT&T Powerlines (19466)
 Windswept Land and Livestock Pipe Replacement (10037-2)
 Paulsen White Oak Existing Encroachments (19485)
 Wiberg Fence Authorization (SL4301)
 Rocky Mountain Power existing poles (SL4242)
 Dominion Energy Pipe Authorization (SL4223)
 1776 N Terminal Drive Pipe Authorization (SL4285)
 1665 W California Ave Pipe Authorization (SL4278)
 Salt Lake City Department of Public Works Pipe Authorization (SL4277)
 Authorize Existing Vault & Fiber Optic Line (SL4270)
 Moxley Existing Residential Improvements (19478)
 Teja Septic System and Well (19537)
 SMUD Utility Poles & Trench Wiring (19465)
 Friedman Authorize Existing Encroachments (4352-1)
 Harmatz Pool and Home Addition (19512)
 Butte City Bridge Replacement (19508)


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 Lookout Slough Tidal Habitat Restoration and Flood Improvement Project (19477)
 Little Egbert Tract Borings and Cone Penetration Tests (CPTs) (WA2019088)
 Guy House (3095-1)
 Holman Road Bridge (19510)
 Harding Drain Fish Screen (19470)
 Garage and Pump Station Authorization (SL4067)
 Ludwig Existing Encroachments (19461)
 Nielsen Drain Culvert Fish Screen (19469)
 Big Notch Fremont Weir (19523)
 Heiny Farming Authorizations (19483)
 DWR Site 61 Levee Slope Repair (WA2020002)
 DWR Site 63 Levee Slope Repair (WA2020001)
 Department of Water Resources Boat Ramp (19514)
 Tidal Marsh Complex Restoration Project (19460)
 Wisconsin Avenue Pump Station Upgrade (19451)
 ENGEO Geotechnical Borings (WA2019090)
 Authorize and Relocate Existing Iron Fence (11823-1)
 Sanchez House and Pool Area C (19454)
 SPK-408-California High Speed Rail Authority-WRDA214 Special Public Notice
 Butte Creek Pipe Authorization (19450)


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Baler Building and Fence (19370)


Butte Basin RV Park (19366)


Cottonwood Creek Bridge Replacement (19375)


Crows Landing Bridge Replacement (19362)


Derby Dam Fish Screen (NV-19-1)


Grand Island Levee Seepage Cutoff Wall


Isleton Water Pipeline (19105)


Kelly Residence Remodel (7081-1)


Nimbus Hatchery Fish Passage Project (12669-1)


Packer Ranch Fish Screen and Pump Station Upgrade (19328)


PG&E Gas Pipeline Sacramento River Crossing Retirement (19372)


Reclamation District 2091 Seepage and Stability Berms (19330)


Reclamation District 404 Cutoff Wall at French Camp Slough (19238)


Wickland Pipeline Realignment (17497-1)


Wild Goose Club Hunting Cabin Replacement (18818-3)

 Caltrans Highway 20 Bridge Scour Rehabilitation (888-2)
 Draft 408 Programmatic Agreement
 Emergency Storage Basin D (19388)
 Harmatz Pool (19446)
 PG&E Gas Pipeline San Joaquin River Crossing (7796-1)
 Reclamation District 2074 Brookside Cutoff Wall (19303)
 River Walk Trail Extension (19387)
 Tidewater Crossing Storm Water Outfall (19380)
 Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area Habitat and Drainage Improvements (19389-1, 19389-2, 19389-3, 19389-4, 19389-5)


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American River Bridge Widening and Deck Rehabilitation Project Geotechnical Borings (WA2018073)


Bear Creek Sidewalk and Driveway (19322)


I-505 Bridge Seismic Restoration Geotechnical Borings (WA2018071)


Knights Landing Boat Launch Improvement Project (18598)


Putah Creek Restoration EA & Mitigated FONSI (19027, 19047, 19047-1)


Reno Spaghetti Bowl Interchange Reconstruction - Truckee River Crossing (CTWCD-18-02)


River Islands Phase 2B 408 Project


Sacramento County Emergency Drain Line Replacement and Levee Repair (3596-1)


Sacramento River West Bank Seepage Mitigation Project: Levee Miles 3.41 to 6.45 (19294)


South Salt Lake Existing Storm Water Pump Station (SL3659)


Surplus Canal Storm Drain (SL3660)


Sutter Bypass Irrigation Well and Infrastructure (19329)


Truckee River Fish Passage Project - Steamboat Retrofit (CTWCD-18-01)


Union Pacific Railroad Yuba River Geotechnical Borings (WA2018075)


West Stanislaus Irrigation District Fish Screen Intake (19223)


WRDA 214 Public Notice CalTrans


WRDA 214 Public Notice Yolo County

 Prospect Island Tidal Habitat Restoration (19227)


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Colusa Boat Launch (2641-1)


Fifth Street Bridge Replacement - Yuba / Sutter Counties (19111)


Fremont Weir Adult Fish Passage Modification Project (19160)


I-680/SR-4 Interchange Project (CCC 627-16)


Kings River Levee Evaluation Project


Putah Creek Channel Restoration NAWCA 3 (19027)


Raley's Boat Dock (19032)


Sherman Island Fish Screens (13387-1 & 19108)


Southport (West Sacramento) Sacramento River Early Implementation Project (18313-3)


Winters Putah Creek Nature Park Channel Realignment Project Phase 3 (19047-1)

 Categorical Permission for Section 408 Requests


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Feather River Parkway - Phase 2 (19022)


Marysville Wastewater Treatment Plant (3431-1 & 15178-1)


North Sacramento Streams Levee Improvement Project 


SBFCA - Oroville Wildlife Area Flood Stage Reduction Project