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Former Parks Air Force Base - Dublin, CA

Former Parks Air Force Base (AFB) was used by the U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, and U.S. Air Force at various times between 1943 to 1973.  In 1943, the area called Camp Parks, Camp Shoemaker and the U.S. Naval Hospital Shoemaker were established by the U.S. Navy, and operated as “Fleet City” during World War II.   Since 1980, much of the original property has been operating as an active U.S. Army Reserve Forces Training Area. Between 1957 and 1972, various portions of the former Parks AFB were transferred to multiple private and municipal land owners.

This project is focused only on the FUDS eligible properties that were transferred to local or private entities prior to October 1986. 

This phase of the project is specifically focused on two Areas of Interest (AOIs), located in the NE corner of the largest FUDS eligible property, as recommended during an earlier phase of the Former Parks AFB FUDS environmental investigation: 

  • AOI 23: Camp Shoemaker Burn Pit – an open space area that is located on the Alameda County Sheriff's Training Center
  • AOI 28: Hickman Road Sanitary Fill Area – an area currently used for motorcycle training by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office

Current Status

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is currently conducting the Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study (RI/FS) phase of the FUDS process for Former Parks AFB.  The project objective is to collect information, through field investigations, to determine the need for remedial actions to protect human health and safety and the environment, and then identify options for remediation and calculate the costs to cleanup, if necessary.

During this phase, soil, groundwater and landfill gas samples will be taken from the areas of concern and from nearby areas for comparison to background conditions.  An analysis of the analytical findings will then be done to evaluate risks and remedial alternatives.

What are Formerly Used Defense Sites?

During the past two centuries, the Department of Defense (DOD) has used land throughout the United States to train soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines to ensure the nation's military readiness. As training and testing needs changed, DOD obtained property or returned the property to private or public uses.  Today, the DOD is responsible for the environmental restoration (cleanup) of contamination caused by the DOD on properties that were formerly owned by, leased to, or otherwise possessed by the United States and under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of Defense prior to October 1986. Such properties are known as Formerly Used Defense Sites or FUDS. The U.S. Army is the DOD’s lead agent for the FUDS Program. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) executes the FUDS Program on behalf of the U.S. Army and DOD. The U.S. Army and DOD are dedicated to protecting human health and the environment by investigating and, if required, cleaning up possible contamination that may remain on these properties from past DOD activities.

Project Location Map - Former Parks Air Force Base
Project Location Map with Areas of Interest

Administrative Record

The Administrative Record contains all information considered or relied upon in the decision making process in the selection of any response actions that may be needed at the Former Parks AFB.  An Administrative Record is available here in electronic format, and will also be available at the Dublin Public Library, 200 Civic Plaza, Dublin CA 94568, (925) 828-9296. Note: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the administrative record is currently not available at the library, but will be soon after the library reopens.

Administrative Record Table of Contents
Administrative Record Index
Final Preliminary Assessment and Site Inspection Work Plan
Final Site Inspection Report
RI/FS Phase Fact Sheet
Letter to the community looking for RAB interest

Upcoming Documents
Community Relations Plan

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding either the USACE FUDS Program or the Former Parks AFB FUDS Project, please contact:

Sacramento District Public Affairs Office
(916) 557-5100

Sacramento FUDS Program Manager: 
(916) 557-6884