Flood Risk Management Program

Our program focuses on reducing the risk of floods by using smart policies, programs, and expertise across the agency. We explore alternative approaches such as land acquisition and flood-proofing to protect lives, minimize economic damages, and preserve the natural environment.  

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Planning Studies & Watershed Assessments

● Identify water resources problems and opportunities

● Determine measures and alternatives that could reduce those problems 

● Develop partnerships and identify opportunities to implement recommendations

Watershed Planning Zones

Watershed Planning Zones

Floodplain Mapping & Hazard Assessments

● Prioritize areas of highest risk and prioritize resources

● Conduct floodplain inundation mapping of areas at risk of flooding

● Develop partnerships with agencies with funding opportunities for mitigation projects

Flood after Fire Support

● Emergency Response Support

● Public Outreach Guides

● Post-Fire Modeling

● Technical Tools

Flood After Fire Resources

Flood After Fire Resources

Continuing Authorities Program

● Plan, design, and execute water resources projects of limited scope and complexity without needing project-specific authorization from Congress

● Initial planning and design are federally funded up to $100,000, with additional costs shared with a local sponsor

● Local agencies or non-profits partner with the Corps, sharing costs and responsibilities for the projects

Continuing Authorities Program

Continuing Authorities Program

Emergency Action Planning

● Step-by-step instructions for developing an EAP

● Focused on small and medium-sized communities

● Silver Jackets can provide support for communities developing EAPs

Emergency Action Plan

Emergency Action Plan

Tabletop Exercises

● Exercise a Community’s Emergency Response Plan or Recovery Plan

● Incorporates Real Life Challenges

● Facilitates Coordination Between Stakeholders

Emergency Tabletop Exercise

Emergency Tabletop Exercise

Education & Outreach

● Step-by-step instructions for developing an EAP

● Develop flood risk education and outreach materials

● Provide booths and watershed or flood models for existing events

● Attend or facilitate school programs

● Host flood outreach events, e.g. a Disaster Movie Marathon, Flood Preparedness Day

● Hold training events for floodplain managers

Education & Outreach Events

Education & Outreach Resources

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