Our program focuses on reducing the risk of floods by using smart policies, programs, and expertise across the agency. We explore alternative approaches such as land acquisition and flood-proofing to protect lives, minimize economic damages, and preserve the natural environment. Choose from the list of services below to learn more: 

Planning Studies & Watershed Assessments

● Identify water resources problems and opportunities

● Determine measures and alternatives that could reduce those problems

● Develop partnerships and identify opportunities to implement recommendations 

Floodplain Mapping & Hazard Assessments

● Prioritize areas of highest risk and prioritize resources

● Conduct floodplain inundation mapping of areas at risk of flooding

● Develop partnerships with agencies with funding opportunities for mitigation projects 

Flood after Fire Support

● Emergency Response Support

● Public Outreach Guides

● Post-Fire Modeling

● Technical Tools 

Emergency Action Planning

● Step-by-step instructions for developing an EAP

● Focused on small and medium sized communities

● Silver Jackets can provide support for communities developing EAPs 

Tabletop Exercises

● Exercise a Community’s Emergency Response Plan or Recovery Plan

● Incorporates Real Life Challenges

● Facilitates Coordination Between Stakeholders 

Education & Outreach

● Step-by-step instructions for developing an EAP

● Develop flood risk education and outreach material

● Provide booths and watershed or flood models for existing events

● Attend or facilitate school programs

● Host flood outreach events, e.g. a Disaster Movie Marathon, Flood Preparedness Day

● Hold training events for floodplain managers 


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● Floodplain Management Services

● Planning Assistance to States

● Silver Jackets

● Tribal Partnership Program