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ARCF Final General Reevaluation Report - Jan 2016
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Mailing Address:
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,
Sacramento District
1325 J Street, Room 1513
Sacramento, CA 95814

How are we mitigating?

USACE and its partners are diligently looking for ways to reduce project impacts during design phase. Some current proposals are to use bioengineering solutions along the riverbanks, create planting benches in areas that require erosion protection, and transplant elderberry shrubs to ensure the survival of the Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beatle. We are also looking for locations along the main stem of the Sacramento River to enhance fish habitats for salmonids and delta smelt. Once all phases of the Sacramento Levee Upgrades program are complete, the Sacramento and American Rivers will provide better quality habitat and more scenic views thanks to the native vegetation that will be planted at every site. 

Mitigation vs Restoration

Mitigation is an action taken to reduce the severity and intensity of the proposed work on the existing environment. Additional mitigative actions are required by resource agencies, such as U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Services, for impacts to habitat that is used by federal and/or state-listed species.

Restoration is an action taken to repair, renovate, or replace the lost form and function of an altered or degraded habitat. For information on Sacramento District environmental projects, please visit our website:

What are we mitigating for?

National Marine Fisheries Service

  • Sacramento River Winter-run Chinook Salmon
  • Central Valley Spring-run Chinook Salmon
  • Central Valley Steelhead
  • Green Sturgeon

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

  • Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle (VELB)
  • Delta Smelt 
  • Western Yellow-billed Cuckoo (YBCU)

Fish & Wildlife Coordination Act Habitats

  • Oak Woodland
  • Riparian Forest
  • Riparian Scrub-Scrub
  • Emergent Wetland

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