The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District owns and operates 17 dams and reservoirs in California's Central Valley, which provide multiple benefits including flood risk management, navigation, water supply, hydropower, environmental stewardship, fish and wildlife conservation, and recreation.


USACE dams avoid over $250 billion in direct damages and preserve $25 billion annually in economic benefits.

USACE owns approximately 740 dams nationwide, 95 percent of which are more than 30 years old and over 50 percent have reached or exceeded the 50-year service lives for which they were designed. This does not mean they will fail after 50 years, but they may require additional maintenance and modifications to ensure they meet current safety standards and continue to provide multiple benefits for decades to come.

USACE continually evaluates the condition and safety of its dams through the dam safety program. Inspections and assessments of each dam identify potential risks and their severity, allowing us to prioritize, using the dam safety action classification system, which dams are in the most urgent need of modernization using limited federal funding.


Dam Safety Classifications
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Dam Safety Infographic


Dam Flood Releases
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Dam Flood Releases Infographic



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