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Reducing flood risk in Sacramento

Greater Sacramento, California, is often considered to be the most at-risk region in America for catastrophic flooding, relying on an aging system of levees, weirs and bypasses and Folsom Dam to reduce its flood risk. But that system, just like a chain, is only as strong as its weakest link. Together, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, California’s Central Valley Flood Protection Board, California Department of Water Resources, and the Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency have made tremendous progress in reducing the flood risk, but more work remains. Through the Bipartisan Budget Act, the Corps has received full upfront funding to modernize Sacramento's aging flood infrastructure. This allows us to more efficiently implement nearly $1.8 billion in upgrades to Sacramento's flood risk management system. The authorized work includes up to: 13 miles of seepage cutoff walls, 21 miles of bank protection, 5 miles of levee stabilization, 5 miles of levee raises and widening the Sacramento Weir and bypass.   

Current Project Activities

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Public Engagements

Sacramento Weir Widening Project - Supplemental EIS/EIR Public Scoping Meeting 
Virtual meeting held Monday, April 13, 2020. Public comment period closes on Friday, May 1, 2020. See presentation slides below for information on how to submit comments. 

Public meeting slides: 

Sacramento Weir Widening Public Meeting Presentation


Construction Information for SREL Contract 1 Activities
In lieu of our public meeting, which was scheduled for March 12, we have provided the following narrated presentation to explain some of the impacts associated with our construction occurring this season. 
SREL Contract 1 Project Overview Presentation (17:35) 
SREL Contract 1 Presentation Slides/Graphics


Supplemental Environmental Review Period for SREL Contract 2
Summer 2020 - details coming soon

Recent Documents

Draft General Conformity Determination - March 2020
Notice of Availability (Updated) - Public comments are now due on May 1, 2020. 
Draft Report (with Appendix A - Draft NOx Offset Agreement)
Appendix B - Air Pollutant Emissions Methods and Results
Appendix C - Updated Emissions Summary Tables

ARCF 16 Sacramento River East Levee Contract 1 Final EA/EIR - November 2019
Main Report

ARCF 16 Beach Stone Lakes Mitigation Site Final Supplemental EA/IS - June 2019
Main Report

ARCF 16 Reach D Contract 1 Final EA/IS - Mar 2019
Notice of Availability
Main Report

ARCF Draft Chief's Report - Jan 2016
To All Interested Parties Letter
Chief's Report

ARCF Final General Reevaluation Report - Jan 2016
Main Report

ARCF Final EIS-EIR - Jan 2016
Main Report