West Sacramento Levee Improvement Project Background

West Sacramento has a high probability of flooding due to its location at the confluence of the American and Sacramento Rivers, adjacent to the Yolo Bypass and within the Sacramento River floodplain. Both rivers have large watersheds with the potential for very high runoff which has overwhelmed the existing flood management system in the past. The city of West Sacramento is essentially surrounded by a system of levees that provide flood risk management for the city. The existing levee system was designed and built before modern construction methods were employed. All these factors contribute to the high probability of flooding.

There are over 30 miles of levee improvements around the north and south basins of West Sacramento. These improvements include slurry walls, slope protection, relief wells, and seepage berms that surround the north and south basins of West Sacramento.

Project Description

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 Sacramento Bypass Training Levee

This levee extends approximately 3,000 feet southwest of the Sacramento Bypass levee into the Yolo Bypass. Erosion protection improvements will be placed on the entire reach.

 Sacramento River North Levee

This area extends for approximately 30,700 feet (5.5 miles) along the Sacramento River right bank levee from the Sacramento Bypass south to the confluence of the Barge Canal and the Sacramento River. The general improvements for this reach include erosion protection on 14,300 feet of the reach and seepage improvements with slurry wall installation ranging from 30 feet to 110 feet in depth on 18,500 feet of the reach.

 Sacramento River South Levee/Southport Setback Levee

This effort was completed by the Non-Federal Sponsor and extends approximately 29,300 feet along the Sacramento River right bank levee from the confluence of the Barge Canal and the Sacramento River south to the South Cross levee. The general improvement for this reach includes construction of a setback levee with a slurry wall and berm to address seepage concerns.

 Stone Locks

Per the GRR, this area extends approximately 570 feet directly east of the inactivated Stone Locks. The improvements here will re-connect the Sacramento River North and South levees and close the connection from the Sacramento River to the inactive lock and barge canal. The general improvement for this reach is the construction of a new levee with embankment fill and sheet pile walls.

 Yolo Bypass East Levee North & South

The entire YBEL effort extends for approximately 19,750 feet along the Yolo Bypass levee left bank from the confluence of the Sacramento Bypass and the Yolo Bypass south to the Navigation Levee (DWSC West).

The improvements located north of HWY 80 was awarded August 2023 and include an 800ft Toe Drain and Pump Station.

The improvements for this southern reach were awarded in April 2023, located south of HWY 80 and includes a seepage berm and 7,500 feet of RSP.

 Deep Water Ship Channel (DWSC) – East

This effort Extends approx. 17,000ft along the DWSC left bank levee from the end of Port South levee south to South Cross levee.

GRR calls for 14,600ft of Slurry Wall ranging from 50ft to 130ft in depth, with other alternatives possible.

 Deep Water Ship Channel (DWSC) – West

This effort extends approx. 21.4 miles along the DWSC right bank levee from the bend in the DWSC at the intersection of Port North levee and Yolo Bypass levee south to Miners Slough.

The GRR calls for installation of approximately 25,000ft of Slurry Wall ranging from 50ft to 85ft in depth and 99,000ft of Erosion/Bank Protection the Yolo Bypass side of the levee.

 South Cross Levee

This effort extends for approximately 6,400 feet from Jefferson Boulevard to the Sacramento River where it intersects the southern end of Sacramento River South levee.

The GRR calls for 1,400ft Stability Berm and 5,000ft of levee improvements with relief wells to address seepage concerns.

 South Port

This effort is located on the southern bank of Lake Washington and effort includes 1,000ft of Seepage improvements w/installation of a 70ft Slurry Wall.

Current Documents

Yolo Bypass East Levee Supplemental Environmental Assessment/Initial Study (EA/IS) - Nov. 2021
To All Interested Parties Letter
Supplemental EA/IS Report
Draft Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)

Previous Documents

Draft Chief's Report - Jan. 2016
To All Interested Parties Letter
Draft Report

Final General Reevaluation Report (GRR) - Jan. 2016
Main Report

Final Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Review (EIS/EIR) - Jan. 2016
Main Report

Draft General Reevaluation Report (GRR) - July 2014
Main Report
Appendix A - Hydrology
Appendix B - Hydraulics
Appendix C - Civil Design
Appendix D - Real Estate
Appendix E - Geotechnical
Appendix F - Cost Engineering
Appendix G - Economics

Draft Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Review (EIS/EIR) - July 2014
Main Report
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Appendix E
Appendix F
Appendix G
Appendix H

Project Area

West Sac Study Area Map

The West Sacramento project area approximately corresponds with the city limit for the City of West Sacramento and is almost completely bound by floodways and levees with the Yolo Bypass to the west, the Sacramento Bypass to the north, the Sacramento River to the east and the South Cross levee along its southern boundary. The area encompasses two basins, broken up into north and south sections separated by the Sacramento Deep Water Ship Channel that bisects the city; and has nearly 13,000 acres of mixed-use land, an estimated population of 48,000 residents, and vital infrastructure including the regional United States Postal Service mail processing center, the regional California State Department of Water Resources flood fight facility, the California Highway Patrol Academy, and the Port of West Sacramento

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