Ever wondered about the significance of wetlands, those diverse, water-saturated areas often found near bodies of water? They are indispensable in maintaining ecological balance and supporting various aspects of our daily lives.  

Explore the Value of Wetlands

1. Natural Flood Management:
Wetlands absorb and slowly release excess water, reducing downstream flood risks.

Natural Flood Management

2. Biodiversity Hotspot:
Wetlands are critical habitats for diverse flora and fauna, including birds, fish, and amphibians.


3. Water Purification:
Wetlands serve as natural filters, capturing contaminants and sediment, and releasing cleaner water.

Natural Flood Management

4. Groundwater Recharge:
Wetlands recharge groundwater in certain areas, sustaining sources downstream for future use.

Recreational Opportunities

5. Carbon Sequestration:
Wetlands capture and store atmospheric carbon, aiding climate change mitigation.

Economic Benefits