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Sacramento Levee Upgrades Overview

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Levee upgrades to build on recent flood risk management efforts

The Sacramento Metropolitan area is one of the most at risk areas for flooding in the United States due to its location at the confluence and within the floodplain of two major rivers. Significant levee improvements, primarily through the construction of 22 miles of seepage cutoff walls, were completed on the American River in 2016 as part of the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) 96/99 project. Now, this project will add up to 11 miles of bank protection for Lower American River levees. But this portion includes more than just the American River. Sections of the Natomas East Main Drainage Canal (NEMDC), Arcade Creek, and Magpie Creek would be improved to address identified seepage, stability, erosion, and height concerns.

Current Project Activities for American River Levees


  • American River Common Features (ARCF) SEIS/SEIR

    USACE is preparing to draft a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement/Subsequent Environmental Impact Review (SEIS/SEIR) to analyze changes made during final preliminary design of multiple contract actions within the American River Common Features (ARCF) project that could result in potentially significant environmental effects. This supplemental document will centralize where the public and agencies can look for the most current project information and will bring environmental considerations up to date. The SEIS/SEIR will focus on new or different features of project designs that have evolved since the original 2016 ARCF General Reevaluation Report (GRR) Final Environmental Impact Statement/Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIS/FEIR) was completed, while analyzing the potential environmental impacts of these changes. 

    The Notice of Intent (NOI) to prepare the draft SEIS/SEIR can be found HERE.  
    The NOI incorrectly states that the public comment period closes on November 31, 2022. A correction was made to accurately reflect the correct public comment period closing date of December 1, 2022. The correction can be found HERE.  The public scoping period has been extended to December 31, 2022.

    Virtual public meetings were held November 2 and November 30, 2022, to discuss the development of the Draft SEIS/SEIR. Public comments will be accepted until December 31, 2022, and can be submitted to

    Virtual Scoping Meeting Presentation Slides (Updated November 30)
    Virtual Scoping Meeting Recording

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