Categorical Permission

The Categorical Permission (CP) for Section 408 Requests can be used to expedite and streamline the review and decisions of requests that are similar in nature and have similar impacts to the USACE project and environment. For an alteration to be approved under this CP, the proposed design, construction, or replacement must meet the predetermined alteration descriptions (see below), have no disqualifying circumstances, and adhere to applicable standard engineering and environmental conditions. Click here to view the full Categorical Permission document.

Click on an alteration type below to view the respective alteration description and checklist. Please note, the checklists are for planning purposes only, and reflect information USACE will look for when considering a Section 408 request.

Categorical Permission Alteration Types: 

1. Agriculture and Landscaping

2. Borings, Levee Explorations, and Instrumentation

3. Borrow Areas

4. Bridges

5. Buildings and Structures

6. Ditches and Canals

7. Docks

8. Environmental Restoration

9. Erosion Control

10. Fences, Gates, and Signage

11. Fiber Optic and Dry Utility Pipes

12. Fish Screens

13. Gravity Pipes

14. Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

15. Landside Pump Stations

16. Pressurized Pipes

17. Research and Monitoring

18. Retaining Walls

19. Seepage and Stability Berms

20. Stairs and Handrails

21. Swimming Pools

22. Trails, Roads, and Ramps

23. Utility Poles

24. Water Supply Pump Stations

25. Wells


The alterations described in the CP could be stacked. A single proposed project could combine multiple categories of alterations (for example, a utility pole, a fence, and a maintenance shed) and still fit under the CP. Each individual alteration type contained within the overall project must adhere to the size limitations for that specific type of alteration. The total area associated with the overall project must not exceed the largest alteration size limit.

In order to address the potential environmental impacts of implementing this CP, as required under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969, as amended (42 U.S.C. 4321 et seq.), the Sacramento District has prepared a Programmatic Environmental Assessment (PEA). Click here to view.