In-Lieu Fee Programs

In-Lieu Fee Programs involve the restoration, establishment, enhancement, and/or preservation of aquatic resources through funds paid to a governmental or non-profit natural resources management entity to satisfy compensatory mitigation requirements for Department of the Army permits.

In-lieu fee programs, which are described in the Corps regulations [Compensatory Mitigation for Losses of Aquatic Resources, dated April 10, 2008 (Title 33 CFR Part 332)], are similar to mitigation banks in that they sell compensatory mitigation credits to permittees whose obligation to provide compensatory mitigation is then transferred to the in-lieu fee program sponsor. Sacramento District is currently working to establish in-lieu fee programs which are consistent with 33 CFR Part 332. Information on the status of these programs is available in RIBITS .

In 2007, the Sacramento District established an in-lieu fee agreement, the Sacramento District Wetlands Conservation Fund (Fund), with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF). Although NFWF’s in-lieu fee program is not consistent with current regulation it has been grandfathered until June 2013 as it provides an important compensatory mitigation option for small impact projects.

Instead of selling mitigation credits, the primary purpose of the Fund is to collect and manage monies generated by in-lieu fee funding requirements under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act or Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act for authorized activities, as well as enforcement and compliance actions initiated by the Sacramento District.

In order for the Fund to provide compensatory mitigation, the Sacramento District solicits, reviews, and recommends to NFWFaquatic resource restoration, establishment, and enhancement project proposals. To date, the Sacramento District has approved 18 projects totaling approximately $6.4 million. The Sacramento District is tentatively planning to solicit projects again in Winter 2012/2013.

Approved In-Lieu Fee Program Mitigation Projects



 Name Description  Amount    Point of Contact  Approval Date
Long John's Meadow Restoration Project, Tuolumne County, CA Restoration of a stream and wet meadow in Stanislaus National Forest  $20,000 Tracy Weddle
(209) 965-3434 x5321
19 Nov 2007
Cosumnes Floodplain Mitigation Bank, Sacramento County, CA Sale of 9 floodplain mosaic re-establishment credits  $1,117,000 Greg Sutter
Westervelt Ecological Services
(916) 646-3644  
10 Dec 2009
Cummings Stathos, Sacramento County, CA Vegetative restoration of 1.56 acres of streamside habitat and preservation and management of surrounding 7.83 acres  $335,357.30 Aimee Rutledge
Sacramento Valley Conservancy
(916) 425-5879
10 Dec 2009
Van Vleck Mitigation Bank, Sacramento County, CA Sale of 2.13 vernal pool creation credits  $585,750 Greg Sutter
Westervelt Ecological Services
(916) 646-3644
10 Dec 2009
Warren Property, Placer County, CA Restoration of 0.34 acres of intermittent stream habitat and enhancement of 1.60 acres of seasonal wetland habitats, and preservation and management of surrounding 33.4-acre property. $35,910 Barry Anderson
(530) 878-7048
10 Dec 2009
Leland Watershed Improvement Project, Tuolumne County, CA Restoration of a stream and wet meadow in Stanislaus National Forest $30,000 Tracy Weddle,
(209) 965-3434 x5321
8 Apr 2010
Lower Ash Creek Wildlife Area Restoration, Modoc and Lassen Counties Stream and meadow restoration within 2, 415-ac area $200,000.00 Todd Sloat
Pit Resource Conservation District
(530) 336-5456 
1 Aug 2011
Stillwater Plains Mitigation Bank Wetland Restoration, Shasta County Sale of 3.33 vernal pool re-establishment credits $499,500.00 Glenn Hawes
Stillwater Plains Mitigation Bank, Inc.
(530) 227-0662  
1 Aug 2011
Toad Hill Mitigation Bank, Placer County Sale of 2.1 vernal pool establishment credits $499,999.50 Brian Monaghan
Wildlands, Inc.,
(916) 435-3555 
1 Aug 2011
River Ranch Mitigation Bank, Yolo County Sale of 0.86 marsh and 2.07 riparian re-establishment credits $263,700.00   Wildlands - see above 1 Aug 2011
Swainsons Grasslands Preserve, Placer County Restore 1800 linear feet of creek, re-establish 5 acres of seasonal wetland, plant 10 acres of freshwater scrub-shrub & 2 acres of oak savannah $500,000.00 Jessica Pierce
Placer Land Trust
(530) 887-9222  
1 Aug 2011
Upper Dotta Canyon Restoration, Plumas County Re-establish connectivity of channel with floodplain in 253-acre area $441,184.00 Leslie Mink
Plumas Corporation
Feather River Coordinated Resource Management
(530) 283-3739,  
1 Aug 2011
Spanish Creek in Meadow Valley, Plumas County Re-alignment and Restoration of 3,800 linear feet of stream  $464,750.00 Terry Benoit
Plumas Corporation,
Feather River Coordinated Resource Management,
(530) 283-3739  
1 Aug 2011
Humbug Valley-Yellow Creek Meadow Restoration, Plumas County Restoration of channel and floodplain in 109-acre area $297,400.00 Kara Rockett,
Plumas Corporation,
Feather River Coordinated Resource Management,
1 Aug 2011
Kern River Watershed Meadows and Stream Restoration, Tulare County Restore stream, re-establish 1/3-acre meadow, protect 2 miles of stream and 20-acre meadow $62,950.00 Todd Ellsworth,
Inyo National Forest
1 Aug 2011
Vernal Pool Re-establishment @ SMUD Nature Preserve Bank, Sacramento County Sale of 3 vernal pool re-establishment credits $500,000.00 Ron Scott,
(916) 732-5114
1 Aug 2011
Lower Cosumnes River Floodplain Restoration, Sacramento County Re-connect 150-acre floodplain to river and re-establish sloughs $333,000.00 Patrick Britton,
Ducks Unlimited, Inc.,
(916) 852-2000,
1 Aug 2011
Los Banos, Volta Unit Wetland Habitat Restoration, Merced County Establish 120 acres and enhance 50 acres of emergent marsh  $204,240.00 Richard Wright,
California Waterfowl Association,
(916) 275-1020
1 Aug 2011
Shell Meadow Restoration Stablilize and protect 2.5 acres of meadow threatened by headcuts in stream $22,300 Tracy Weddle (209) 965-3434 x 5321,, USDA Forest Service, Stanislaus National Forest, Summit Ranger District, #1 Pinecrest Lake Road, Pinecrest, CA 95364 20 Jun 2013
Ladies Valley Riparian Enhancement Stabilize 800 lf of stream, re-vegetate 15 acres of floodplain and streambank with natives $86,890 Elena DeLacy, (530)295-2190,, P.O. Box 562, Coloma, CA 95613

20 Jun 2013

Upper Ash Creek Wildlife Area Restoration Fill existing gullies and enhance 8,500' riparian corridor, create 7.5 acres of ponds $400,000 Todd Sloat, Pit Resource Conservation District, (530) 336-5456, 20 Jun 2013
Kern Plateau Meadow Habitat Improvement Restore up to 6 acres of wet meadow and protect 20 acres of meadow and 2 miles of stream channel $118,925 Todd Ellsworth, (760)873-2547,, 351 Pacu Lane, Suite 200, Bishop, Ca 93514 20 Jun 2013
Toad Hill Mitigation Bank Sale of 1.78 vp creation credits $423,809 Brian Monaghan, (916)435-3555,, 3855 Atherton Road, Rocklin, CA 95765 20 Jun 2013
River Ranch Mitigation Bank Sale of 2.36 freshwater marsh re-establishment credits & 2.36 riparian re-est. credits $424,800 Brian Monaghan, (916)435-3555,, 3855 Atherton Road, Rocklin, CA 95765 20 Jun 2013
Meridian Ranch Mitigation Bank Sale of 2 "Water of the U.S. Creation" credits $300,000 Travis Hemmen, (916)646-3644x204,, 600 North Market Blvd., Suite 3, Sacramento, CA 95834 20 Jun 2013
Cosumnes Floodplain Mitigation Bank Sale of 2 floodplain mosaic wetland credits $260,000 Travis Hemmen, (916)646-3644x204,, 600 North Market Blvd., Suite 3, Sacramento, CA 95834 20 Jun 2013
Long Meadow Restoration Preserve and enhance 35-acre meadow by restoring 375' of stream to reconnect with floodplain $247,235 Nina Hemphill, (559)784-1500x1161,, 1839 So. Newcomb, Porterville, CA 93257 20 Jun 2013
Twomile Wolfins Meadow Restoration Restore 5 headcuts to preserve 7.5 acres of existing meadow. $41,093 Fernando Perez, (209)586-3234x672,, Mi-Wok Ranger District, P.O. Box 100, Mi Wuk Village, CA 95346 20 Jun 2013
Total    $9,282,342.80    


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