Update: Corps to install temporary Folsom Lake Crossing traffic signal beginning Jan. 23

Published Dec. 30, 2013

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District will install a temporary traffic signal in Folsom at the intersection of Folsom Lake Crossing and Folsom Prison Drive beginning Jan. 23.

Installation of the new traffic signal light is scheduled to take place weekdays Jan. 23-31, with periodic night work that may impact bike path access from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. 

Cyclists and pedestrians who use Folsom Lake Crossing during nighttime or early morning hours may see short delays up to 10 minutes long when overnight work is underway. Construction personnel will be on site to safely signal bicycles and pedestrians through the work area.

The temporary signal will help provide construction vehicles safe access between the Folsom Dam auxiliary spillway project’s staging area and construction site during the project’s fourth phase. During this phase, the Corps will build the 1,100-foot-long approach channel from the reservoir to spillway’s new dam and complete the 3,027-foot-long spillway chute and stilling basin on the dam’s downstream side. The stilling basin works as an energy dissipater to slow the water as it enters the American River.

Construction of the Folsom Dam auxiliary spillway is an approximately $900-million cooperative effort between the Corps and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, along with the state's Central Valley Flood Protection Board and the Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency, to improve the safety of Folsom Dam and reduce flood risk for the Sacramento area. The spillway is scheduled to be completed in October 2017.

A 24-hour hotline has been set up at 916-500-1977 for the public to call regarding any noise concerns during construction.
Tyler Stalker

Release no. 13-087