USACE Jurisdiction

A Section 408 permission is required for alterations proposed within the lands and real property interests acquired for the USACE project. Maintenance and repair activities conducted by non-federal sponsors on the USACE project for which they have O&M responsibilities do not require Section 408 permission, but may require coordination or concurrence from the USACE district.



The Sacramento District has levee and channel projects in California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. Follow the link to the National Levee Database (NLD) under Quick Reference for more information on these projects. While on the NLD webpage, use the search bar on the left hand side of the screen to filter Sacramento District projects. A full list of Sacramento District projects, organized by state, can also be found under Quick Reference.

Please contact a project’s respective non-federal sponsor to determine if a Section 408 permission is required for your project. A full list of non-federal sponsors associated with Sacramento District’s projects can be found under the Quick References tab. If you need help to determine who the non-federal sponsor is, please email