Sacramento River General Reevaluation Report

The Sacramento River Flood Control Project is a collection of levees, navigation waterways, overflow weirs, pumping plants and bypass channels that help reduce the risk of flooding to communities and agricultural lands in the Sacramento Valley and Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, and are in need of reevaluation. Located along the Sacramento River from Elder Creek, near Tehama, to its confluence with the San Joaquin River in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, near Collinsville, the project has approximately 980 miles of levee (about 650 miles of which are part of the Federally authorized project) protecting more than 2.3 million people within 50 communities, 1 million acres of land and nearly $38 billion worth of infrastructure. Project features are also located along a number of tributaries, sloughs, and bypass channels, including the Feather River, American River, Sutter Bypass, and Yolo Bypass.  The general reevaluation will assess flood risk management capabilities and ecosystem restoration opportunities within the flood conveyance system, originally constructed between the 1850s and 1950s.

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