Sacramento River General Reevaluation Report

The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Sacramento District and the State of California (Sponsor), represented by the Central Valley Flood Protection Board (CVFPB) entered into a Feasibility Cost Share Agreement (FCSA) on June 19, 2015, to complete the Sacramento River Bank Protection (SRBP) Project, California Phase III General Reevaluation Report (Study). The overarching Sacramento River Flood Control Project, California (SRFCP) is authorized by the Flood Control Act of 1917, Pub. L. 64-367. The SRBP element is authorized by the Flood Control Act of 1960, Pub. L. 86-645, as amended, as a modification of the SRFCP.

After coordination with the CVFPB study representatives, a decision was made to inactivate the Study on February 2, 2018. CVFPB was formally briefed on this change on May 21, 2018. Section 1001 of Water Resource Reform and Development Act 2014 (Pub. L. 113-121) requires that any study not completed within the approved time frames be terminated. Accordingly, the SRBP Study has been terminated and USACE routine study close out has been completed. Although the Study has been terminated, the study authority remains unaffected.

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