What type of chaos are you?

Published April 29, 2019
Updated: April 29, 2019

“Office Do-It-All"
Stuff is always breaking in the office and I’m tired of contacting someone else to fix it. I don’t have the proper equipment, but I have lots of technical skills. I can fix something as simple as a light!

“Cell Phone Zombie”
Technology is my life. It’s how I relax and how I stay connected with coworkers, friends and family. I can keep my eyes glued to the screen and still walk, drive and easily handle other mundane tasks.

“Worksite Menace”
Hard hat, vest, eye protection, steel-toed boots, blah, blah, blah.... It’s too much to remember in addition to my demanding job. I’ve been working here long enough, I’ll wear the gear I want.

Do any of the three characters above sound familiar?

At some time during our career, most of us have taken an unnecessary risk or disregarded safety procedures to get the job done quicker.

Most of us have also been lucky that those shortcuts haven’t resulted in an injury – or worse.

The impacts of ignoring safety can last a lifetime. It only takes one time.

Watch our Safety Chaos video series to get a better idea of how chaos can strike when safety is ignored.

Avoid chaos and follow your safety procedures at safety.army.mil