7 things you need to know about Natomas

Published Sept. 6, 2018

Natomas aerial courtesy youtube.com/sacbarter


1. The Natomas Basin is one the most at-risk-regions in the nation for catastrophic flooding.

2. Local, state and federal agencies are upgrading 42 miles of levees that surround the area and hold back flood waters.

3. Local and state agencies completed 18 miles of levee improvements, and the Corps will start work on the remaining 24 miles.

4. Flooding in Natomas has devastating impacts beyond California (i.e. shortages and increased prices on food and other commodities).

5. The Natomas Basin is located in one of the lowest areas in the region and has a historical tendency to flood.

 6. Temporary project impacts will include traffic and detours, construction noise and some environmental impacts.

7. After project completion flood risk will be reduced, but there will always be risk living behind a levee

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