Natomas basin construction highlights nearly $200 million for Sacramento District projects

Published Feb. 12, 2016

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Funding to begin construction in the Natomas basin leads the list of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District projects receiving funds for fiscal year 2016.

Nearly $200 million is included for 16 flood risk reduction and ecosystem restoration projects.

"The Army Civil Works' Fiscal Year 2016 work plan will significantly advance and complete studies and construction projects that support the Nation's economy, environment and quality of life," said The Honorable Jo-Ellen Darcy, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works.

That progress is evident in several projects that are moving into a new phase.

One of just six “new starts” nationwide, the Corps can now begin construction-related activities to complete upgrades to 42 miles of levee surrounding the Natomas basin. While the Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency has completed work on more than one-third of the levees, the Corps will complete the remaining 24 miles.

Levee improvements in Natomas are just one piece of the Corps’ efforts to create a comprehensive flood risk management system for the Sacramento region. Projects to upgrade levees on the lower American River and construct an auxiliary spillway at Folsom Dam, as well as beginning construction to raise dikes and supporting dams around Folsom Lake contribute to building an effective system.

“Improving the levees for one of the most at-risk communities in the nation for flooding remains one of our highest priorities," said Col. Mike Farrell, Sacramento District commander. "Starting construction in the Natomas basin allows us to maintain positive progress for the Sacramento region.”

Other projects progressing to a new phase include a dam safety modification project beginning construction at Isabella Lake Dam near Bakersfield, and projects in Sutter County and Truckee Meadows, Nev., transitioning from study to design after being authorized in 2014.

The following studies and projects were allocated 2016 appropriations:

• Isabella Lake Dam improvements design and construction: $71.9 million

• Folsom Dam auxiliary spillway construction: $62.275 million

• Folsom Dam raise design and construction: $18.641 million

• Hamilton City flood risk reduction/ecosystem restoration construction: $15 million

• American River Common Features (Natomas Basin) levee improvement design and construction start: $14.5 million

• Marysville ring levee construction: $7.361 million

• Sacramento River bank protection construction: $6 million

• Truckee Meadows initiate design: $1.75 million

• Rural Utah, complete Eureka Water and Wastewater project and the Jackson Flat Reservoir: $1.075 million

• Yuba River restoration feasibility study: $700,000

• Lower Cache Creek feasibility study: $570,000

• Tahoe Basin projects: $525,000

• Sacramento River General Reeavalution study: $500,000

• Sutter flood risk reduction continue design: $100,000

• CALFED Coordination: $100,000

• Lake Tahoe Partnership: $50,000

In addition to the 2016 work plan, President Barack Obama released his proposed fiscal year 2017 budget on Feb. 9. The budget proposal provides $20.7 million to complete the Folsom Dam auxiliary spillway, as well as funding for ongoing construction projects in Folsom, Hamilton City, Marysville, Natomas and at Isabella Lake Dam.

Full breakdowns of both the FY2016 work plan and FY2017 budget proposal, can be found here:

Tyler Stalker

Release no. 16-006