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West Davis Corridor and Corps permit

Published Sept. 25, 2013

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Sept. 25, 2013) – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has not taken a position on the proposed West Davis Corridor project near Salt Lake City, Utah.

“We’re actively engaged in discussions about various project alternatives, but a permit decision on the West Davis Corridor will only come after the Utah Department of Transportation submits a permit application,” said Jason Gipson, Corps Utah-Nevada regulatory branch chief.

“We continue to work with UDOT and other state and federal agencies to find the best solution for both people and the natural resources of the Great Salt Lake when considering this important regional transportation project,” said Gipson.

A permit from the Corps is required for the proposed roadwork because the project will impact wetlands and other surface waters. The Corps evaluates permit applications for construction activities that occur in the nation's waters, including wetlands, subject to regulation under the Clean Water Act.

“Right now, we are cooperating with UDOT and the Federal Highway Administration in preparing the environmental impact statement for the project,” said Gipson. “After we receive a permit application from UDOT, we will use the environmental document to make a permit decision on the project.”  UDOT has not indicated when the Corps should expect to receive an application, said Gipson.

The Corps submitted comments to UDOT and FHWA regarding the draft environmental impact statement Sept. 6, outlining areas that must be addressed in the final environmental statement, said Gipson.

“The challenge, as always, is to find a point of balance,” said Gipson. “The Corps continues to work alongside other public agencies to find an alternative that meets the project's needs while protecting important natural resources, including wetlands along the Great Salt Lake.”


Robert Kidd

Release no. 13-068