Dike 1 near Folsom Lake closed until January

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District
Published Nov. 9, 2023
Updated: Nov. 9, 2023
A view of a lake with an earthen dike in the foreground, protected by a chain link fence, and the blue sky with clouds

A view of Folsom Dam Dike 1, located in Granite Bay, California, with Folsom Lake in the distance, November 15, 2023. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District is raising the dike up to 3.5 feet in accordance with the overall plan for the Folsom Dam Raise project, which calls for similar raises across the dam system. Dike 8 was raised in 2020, and the district plans to complete the remaining seven dikes by 2027.

Due to construction associated with the Folsom Dam Raise Project, vehicle access to the North Granite Bay areas including Beeks Bight, Dotons Point and Oak Beach will be closed at Folsom Dam Dike 1 until approximately the end of January 2024.

Dike 1 will also be closed to all public access during construction. Visitors hiking, biking or horseback riding can use the trails surrounding Dike 1 to access the North Granite Bay trail system. The horse assembly area is still accessible via a temporary detour road located past the Granite Bay Main Beach parking lot just south of the Park Road closure.

If your route permits, consider using other trails in and around Folsom Lake State Recreation Area.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District is raising Dike 1 up to 3.5 feet in accordance with the plans for the overall Folsom Dam Raise Project, which calls for similar raises to all eight dikes as well as the left and right wing dams, Mormon Island Auxiliary Dam, and the main dam itself.

The purpose of the Folsom Dam Raise Project is to reduce flood risk for the greater Sacramento area by increasing the temporary storage capacity of Folsom Lake by approximately 28,000 acre-feet. This increased capacity is intended to be used only in an extreme flooding scenario and will not impact Folsom Lake limits under normal operating conditions.

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Release no. 23-034