President’s Budget and Work Plan announcements tab $188 million for Sacramento District projects

Published Feb. 12, 2020
Updated: Feb. 12, 2020

More than $188 million of Sacramento District funding, primarily for Northern California flood risk management work, was outlined in two separate budget releases on February 10, adding to an already robust district workload.

President Donald Trump’s fiscal year 2021 budget proposal would fund two Sacramento District projects in his plan for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers civil works program.

Continued upgrades to Natomas Basin levees leads the way with $131.5 million. Construction to improve 42 miles of levee surrounding the Sacramento area suburb has ramped up in recent years with construction work underway in four different sections of the project. The other project in the budget sits across the Sacramento River from Natomas in West Sacramento, which is targeted for $2.028 million to continue ongoing design efforts for authorized levee improvements around the city.

Three Sacramento District projects are expected to achieve significant milestones thanks to additional Corps of Engineers work plan funding allocations for fiscal year 2020, it was also announced on Monday.

One of six new construction start projects funded across the Corps, the Lower San Joaquin River flood risk management project will receive $23.1 million to close out design and start construction on flood risk reduction efforts in north and central Stockton.

The Yuba River Ecosystem Restoration project received $4.478 million for design work, and the Sacramento District will be able to complete its Lower Cache Creek feasibility study, which aims to explore flood risk management options in the City of Woodland and adjacent communities, as a result of the extra $635,000 it’ll receive this year. 

Overall, nine Sacramento District projects received more than $54.5 million in this year’s work plan. Other projects include Natomas Basin levee improvement work along the Natomas East Main Drain Canal ($15.7335 million), Rural Nevada and Utah water supply improvements ($5 million), design of temperature control shutters as part of the Folsom Dam Raise project ($3.514 million), West Sacramento design work ($1.072 million), and Tahoe Basin restoration efforts ($1.025 million).

The projects announced February 10 will add to the district’s portfolio, which also includes a handful of fully-funded projects.

Supplemental appropriations in 2018 provided more than $2.1 billion to construct five Sacramento District projects over the next several years. The projects include making dam safety improvements to Isabella Dam, enlarging Success Lake, raising dikes and dams around Folsom Lake, and strengthening the Marysville Ring Levee and Sacramento area levees.

More information on the President’s Budget and USACE Work Plan, including specific amounts provided to various programs, projects and activities across the Corps of Engineers can be found at:

Tyler Stalker

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