Sacramento District projects get $2.1 billion in supplemental appropriation

Published July 9, 2018

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced supplemental funding July 5 for five Sacramento District projects, totaling an investment of more than $2.1 billion in flood risk management efforts.

Sacramento District projects funded with supplemental appropriations include flood risk management upgrades on the American and Sacramento rivers in Sacramento, dam remediation at Isabella Lake, reservoir englargement at Success Lake, levee improvements on the Marysville Ring Levee, and continued upgrades at Folsom Dam.

In February 2018, Congress appropriated $17.398 billion for civil works projects through Public Law 115-123 to fund short-term repair projects and long-term disaster recovery projects. Thirty-three states and three territories met eligibility requirements by having two or more flood-related major distaster declarations from 2014 to 2017.  

“In providing the current working estimates of funds required to fully fund these studies and construction projects, the Corps’ is showing its commitment to “moving dirt” and, more importantly, to completing studies and construction,” said R.D. James, assistant secretary of the Army for civil works.

The following projects were funded through the Fiscal Year 2018 supplemental appropriations:

·       American River Common Features flood risk reduction: $1.565 billion

·       Isbella Dam Safety Modification Project: $258.2 million

·       Folsom Dam raise project: $216.5 million

·       Success Reservoir Enlargement Project: $74 million

·       Marysville Ring Levee improvements: $13.586 million

A listing of all the projects and studies receiving funding are posted at under "Supplemental Appropriations for Disasters 2018."  There are two separate categories under which projects are funded “Long-Term Disaster Recovery Investment Program” and “Short-Term Repairs”.  In the cases of Operation and Maintenance and Flood Control and Coastal Emergencies, the tables supersede previously posted tables.

Tyler Stalker

Release no. 18-015