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Posted 9/5/2017

Release no. 17-024

Tyler Stalker

Four years ago, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers set out to change the way it does business. Now, leaders are taking the next step to modernize its planning process, designating 34 certified planners to assist with complicated, controversial or highly visible studies and initiatives.

 “Certified planners should be utilized to tackle the Nation’s complex water resources challenges,” said Maj. Gen. Donald Jackson, deputy commanding general for civil and emergency operations for the Corps, in a memorandum announcing the selections.

Corps districts have been asked to review their planning portfolio to see where a certified planner could provide value, and the National Planning Center of Expertise can help match their need with an appropriate certified planner to either join their project delivery team or provide mentoring and guidance.  

Sacramento District will not only get a front row seat for the new program but it appears it will have a chance to drive some of our nation’s most complex projects. Nine Sacramento District planners were selected as part of the inaugural collection of certified planners, which range from plan formulators to economists to environmental and cultural resources specialists.

“The selection process was rigorous and the standard high,” Jackson said. “Certification isn’t just about completing required training but requires a mix of training, experience, knowledge and leadership.”

Alicia Kirchner, chief of planning division for the Sacramento District, envisions the certification program will highlight the district’s capability to support other districts in the region and nation. 

Each of the planners selected has broad experience and training within the Corps, and have proven capable of leading complex water resources planning efforts. The National Water Resources Certified Planner designation sets the standard for the profession, said Tab Brown, chief of planning and policy for the Corps during an August 29 ceremony in Washington D.C., to recognize the 34 certified planners.


List of USACE National Water Resources Certified Planners:

Nicholas Applegate, Sacramento District

Samantha Borer, Jacksonville District

David Bucaro, Chicago District

Kim Carsell, Sacramento District

Susan Conner, Norfolk District

Mark Cowan, Sacramento District

Mark Doles, Albuquerque District

Craig Evans, Saint Paul District

Tim Fleeger, Northwestern Division

Craig Forgette, Buffalo District

Brad Foster, Jacksonville District

Jerry Fuentes, Sacramento District

Miki Fujitsubo, Sacramento District

Elden Gatwood, Wilmington District

Alicia Kirchner, Sacramento District

Camie Knollenberg, Saint Paul District

Rhiannon Kucharski, Sacramento District

Eric Lynn, Kansas City District

Andrew MacInnes, New Orleans District

Judy McCrea, South Pacific Division

Rachel Mesko, Seattle District

Greg Miller, Mississippi Valley Division

Karen Miller, Huntington District

Jason Norris, Lakes and Rivers Division

Patrick O’Donnell, South Atlantic Division

Marshall Plumley, Saint Paul District

Monique Savage, Saint Paul District

Brooke Schlenker, Sacramento District

Heather Schlosser, Los Angeles District

David Schulenberg, Buffalo District

Sara Schultz, Sacramento District

Leigh Skaggs, USACE Headquarters

Greg Steele, Norfolk District

Brad Thompson, Omaha District

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