USACE Awards Wetland Mitigation Contract for New Alameda VA Facility

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District
Published March 11, 2022
Updated: March 11, 2022

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District awarded a $3.6 million construction contract March 2 to the Inverness, California, firm Dixon Marine Services, to conduct wetland mitigation on Alameda Point, California.

The mitigation work will offset impacts to the wetland environment on Alameda Point associated with the planned construction of a new VA National Cemetery columbarium, a new VA outpatient clinic, and a conservation management office.

“This contract represents a long-awaited step forward to VA fulfilling its mission to Bay Area veterans. We are truly grateful to USACE and all of our community partners that helped us get to this point,” said John A. Brandecker, director, VA Sierra Pacific Network (VISN 21).

Onsite wetland mitigation is a requirement for the VA’s planned development on Alameda Point, which underwent an extensive environmental review and approval process. Features of the project include the creation of a new intertidal marsh connected to the bay along with the enhancement of an existing adjacent wetland complex. A breach in the existing seawall will allow for a connection to the bay and intertidal influence to the new wetland.

“This award continues our proud tradition of partnering with the VA to provide world class facilities and services for our nation’s veterans,” said Col. James Handura, USACE Sacramento District commander.

Under future planned contracts, the district will plant wetlands species and control invasive species. Near the same site on Alameda Point, the district will also construct a 158,000-square foot outpatient clinic for veteran care, along with a conservation management office that will support ongoing preservation, education, and recreation at the site.

Although the project is in its beginning stages, the district estimates completion of the wetland mitigation in late 2023. The entire project—including the columbarium, outpatient clinic, and conservation management office—is expected to be complete in 2027.


Jeremy Croft

Release no. 22-002