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Posted 6/29/2018

Release no. 18-013

J. Paul Bruton

SACRAMENTO, California The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District’s Hensley Lake, and H.V. Eastman Lake, are experiencing algae blooms. Signage has been posted around the lakes. Water quality testing has taken place and confirmed the presence of toxins. Caution is advised.

 If visitors to Hensley Lake or H.V. Eastman Lake encounter green or blue, thicker-consistency water, it is advised that adults, and especially children and pets, avoid these areas. When an algae bloom occurs it is usually in the warm shallow portions of the lake. Consumption of water affected by such blooms can harm pets if ingested. 

Corps park rangers are urging lake users to follow all

recommendations on posted signage, and “When in doubt, stay out.”


For current information on the algae blooms, check our Hensley Lake or and H.V. Eastman Lake web pages.

For Hensley:

For Eastman:


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