US Army Corps of Engineers
Sacramento District

Ms. Alicia Kirchner

Published Dec. 13, 2018

Ms. Alicia Kirchner is serving as Deputy District Engineer for Programs and Project Management for the Sacramento District.  She has 28 years of experience developing and implementing water resource projects.

Since 2010, Ms. Kirchner has served as Chief of Planning Division for Sacramento District.  The large focus of her career has been spent conducting feasibility studies and developing environmental compliance documents that lead to congressional authorization of projects for construction.  An area of focus has been on collaborative planning of multiple-objective projects and strategically aligning USACE programs with those of our sponsors, reviewing aging water infrastructure to better meet 21st Century needs.  She has served in various positions supporting the USACE planning process.  She has also served on multiple assignments to HQ and South Pacific Division regional headquarters.  She is a certified Water Resources Planner, and a graduate of the Planning Associates Program. She is a native of Sacramento.