Army Corps will build $29 million general instruction building at Presidio of Monterey

Published May 19, 2011

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The Sacramento District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded a $29 million contract yesterday to RQ Construction, Inc., of Carlsbad, Calif. to build a general instruction building at the Presidio of Monterey.


“The 110,000 square-foot building will contain approximately 100 classrooms for students from the Defense Language Institute,” said Les Turnbeaugh, project manager for the Sacramento District. “Due to persistent water shortages at the Presidio of Monterey and the Monterey peninsula in general, the building will contain underground cisterns for water storage. The total capacity of the cisterns will be 80,000 gallons. Water in the cisterns will be roof-fed drainage which will be used for landscaping and flushing of toilets. This will lessen the building’s demand on the community’s water infrastructure.”


The building will be co-located with three other general instruction buildings that were designed and built by the Sacramento District.  One has been completed and two are nearing completion.


Work for the project is scheduled to start in late June of this year. Completion of the building is scheduled for June of 2013.

Carlos J. Lazo

Release no. 11-011